Dear all, I’m excited to announce that Connect token public presale is now live! πŸŽ‰

More information about how escrow works β€”

Visit: or send ETH to the presale address 0x9C0cEBe637D4ca731E36Fa6548Ce74aB3CA534B4.

Presale dates: 30.12.2020 15:00 UTC β€” 29.01.2021

Bonus: 30% initial bonus. Price will be increasing by 1% each day.

Connect project smart contracts

Connect token:



TokenTimeLock (DEV tokens vesting)

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Project founder accounts

Shadiyar Kempirbay





Bounty worth 1,100$ for the best proposal

Hi! My name is Shadiyar, and I challenge myself to design a smart contract with a use-case that you choose for Connect(CT) and Rubix(RBX) for the Connect project in 15 days!

I am going to pick the best use case that you choose, work day and night with my team to build the smart contract, and friendly frontend user interface in just 15 days. I will need your help to achieve this β€” send us the best, in your opinion, use-cases to our Telegram group with the #15dayschallenge hashtag, or alternatively use Twitter with the #15dayschallenge $CT and $RBX hashtags, and tag @shadiyarCTx, @ConnectxProject in your tweets.

I will pick the best use cases and open public voting on my Twitter page. The winner will receive 100$ in ETH + 1,000$ in RBX!